Best Spin and Go Tools

Spin and Go Tools Unveiled: 8 Pro Essentials for Success

Spin and Go Tools Unveiled: 8 Pro Essentials for Success

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. 1. GTO Wizard – #1 Spin and Go Tool
  3. 2. Hand2Note or PT4
  4. 3. A Good HUD (That You Actually Use)
  5. 4. Good Preflop Ranges (Charts)
  6. 5. Multitabling Tools (Jurojin or Intuitive Tables)
  7. 6. MDA Popups
  8. 7. Swong Sim
  9. 8. EV Pools
  10. Conclusion


Hey Spin & Go aficionados! Let me introduce you to my personal top 8 must-have Spin and Go Tools i use every day. Whether you’re looking to crush the low stakes or climb the high-roller ladder, the right tools can make or break your game.

1. GTO Wizard – #1 Spin and Go tool

GTO Wizard x Team Bas Poker #1 Spin and Go Tool

Why You Need It:
I could probably mention “Solver” in this section, but in my opinion, the only go-to option nowadays is GTO Wizard. It allows you to learn and understand GTO principles in the most convenient and efficient way.

FREE Preflop GTO Browser, Poker AI, GTO-Trainer, Hands Import, etc.

How Team Bas Poker Utilizes It:
Our experienced coaches, Sido and Beldarion, integrate GTO Wizard into almost all their coaching sessions.

2. Hand2Note or PT4

Why You Need It:
Tracking your hand histories can reveal patterns, strengths, and leaks in your game. It’s the best tool to uncover both your and your opponents’ leaks.

Real-time data collection, extensive hand history database.

Team Bas Poker’s Approach:
We regularly review hand histories and analyze different populations in our live group coaching sessions and video packs. I personally use H2N, and it’s the first thing I open when I’m at my desktop. I use it every single day. Put H2N into your daily study routine and use discount code : H2N10KKR for 10% off your first purchase 🙂

Hand2Note x Team Bas Poker

3. A good HUD (that you actually use)

Why You Need It:
A HUD (Heads-Up Display) provides crucial insights into your opponents’ behavior. Fedor Holz once said, “Half of my win rate online comes from my HUD,” and I couldn’t agree more. Become a wizard in reading your HUD correctly, and watch your win rate skyrocket.

Real-time stats such as VPIP, Cbet, XR, FvsCbet, and more.

Team Bas Poker’s Recommendation:
Customize and optimize your HUD specifically for the Spin & Go format. We offer free, simple HUDs as well as premium high-end HUDs and popups.

4. Good preflop ranges (Charts)

Why You Need It:
This tool is vital for beginner and intermediate players. You must have solid preflop fundamentals. Preflop mistakes can quickly compound into significant losses due to their frequency.

Detailed hand ranges for different positions and scenarios.

Team Bas Poker’s Unique Offering:
We provide both free and advanced ranges in cooperation with Freebetrange, an awesome site to view, edit, and train custom ranges.

Free Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

5. Multitabling Tool

Why You Need It:
Multitabling tools help you manage multiple tables simultaneously for maximum profit. They help you arrange your tables and set up hotkeys, acting like a personal assistant during your grinding sessions.

Table arrangement, hotkeys, Pot Odds, Stack and Tile, History.

Team Bas Poker’s Advice:
Intuitive Tables or Jurojin are the best choices. If your computer is a bit older, I would lean more towards Intuitive Tables as it requires fewer resources.

6. MDA Popups

Why You Need It:
MDA Popups offer complex statistical data in an easy-to-read format. You can use them with H2N RangeResearch to analyze your population most efficiently.

Stars vs. Regs and Fish, Stats by board structure, Stats by stack size.

Team Bas Poker’s Usage:
We often incorporate MDA Popups into our video packs and coaching sessions. Understanding your average population’s tendencies is crucial for a solid win rate.

TBP Elite MDA Popup

7. Swong Sim

Swong Sim Spin and Go Variance Calculator

Why You Need It:
Swong Sim allows you to simulate different scenarios to better understand the game’s variance.

Variance Calculations, EV Calculations, BRM Tool.

Team Bas Poker’s Application:
Understanding variance is vital in the high-variance game of Spin & Go. We delve into both short-term and long-term variance aspects to keep you cool during swings.

8. EV Pools


Why You Need It:
EV Pools offer a way to stabilize your earnings and reduce the impact of variance on your poker journey.

Collective sharing of EV among a group of players to even out the ups and downs.

Team Bas Poker’s Insight:
We discuss the pros and cons of joining an EV Pool in our advanced coaching sessions. It can be a strategic move for serious Spin & Go players, and we are partnered with Steel Phoenix and are members of the pool ourselves. Mention Team Bas Poker in your application to join Steel Phoenix for your first month free!


Armed with these 8 essential tools, your Spin & Go journey is set to be both profitable and enjoyable. To learn how to best utilize these tools, check out Team Bas Poker’s memberships and exclusive video packs. Your path to becoming a Spin & Go legend starts here.

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