Spin and Go Preflop Ranges

Spin and Go Preflop Ranges: 7 Must-Know Tips to Master Your Game!

Spin and Go Preflop Ranges: 7 Must-Know Tips to Master Your Game!

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Welcome to Team Bas Poker’s ultimate guide to mastering Spin and Go Preflop Ranges. Sido and Beldarion, our top-notch coaches with years of experience, have put together this guide just for you.

We will explore:

  • What a ‘range’ is: Get to know the ABCs of poker ranges to start playing like a pro.
  • Reading preflop charts: We break it down to make it super easy for everyone.
  • The importance of preflop fundamentals: Learn why starting strong can change your game.
  • Key positional ranges: Discover the most critical positions to dominate in Spin and Go.

Get ready to up your poker game with insights from the experts. Let’s get started!

How to Read Preflop Charts?

In the realm of poker, understanding what a ‘range’ is can be your stepping stone to mastering advanced strategies and playing like a pro. Let’s break down this fundamental concept succinctly.

Definition of Range

A ‘range’ refers to the entire set of hands a player might have in a specific situation. Rather than pinpointing a single hand, thinking in terms of ‘ranges’ helps you to gauge the possible combinations of cards an opponent might be holding, broadening your perspective on potential game scenarios and strategizing accordingly.

Navigating the Poker Hand Matrix

Welcome to the fascinating world of poker hand matrices – a grid where all your poker strategies find a firm ground. Represented as a 13×13 grid, this matrix is the canvas that lists all 169 possible starting hands you can have in a game (yes, you heard it right, 13 multiplied by 13 gives you 169 distinct possibilities!).

Poker Range Matrix

Now, let’s break down what makes this grid your go-to tool:

  • A Diagonal Showcase of Pocket Pairs: Right through the diagonal, you find every pocket pair neatly displayed, giving you an instant overview of your paired options.
  • The Realm of Suited Combos: Venture above the diagonal and you’ll find yourself in the realm of suited combos, a place where the suit of the cards harmonize to offer enticing possibilities.
  • The Unsuitable Yet Potent Combinations: Below the diagonal lies the territory of unsuited combos, a space where the cards may not share a suit, but still hold potential to craft winning strategies.
  • Color-Coded Insights: Delve deeper and you’ll notice a color-coded system that differentiates selected hands from the unselected ones. It’s like having a roadmap where the most scenic routes are highlighted for you!

%-Form in Poker Ranges

In the mesmerizing world of poker, understanding %-form is akin to possessing a road map in a complex maze. The %-form simply depicts the proportion of all potential starting hands you have chosen, represented in percentages. So, having no hands chosen is 0%, while selecting all is a grand 100%.

Percentage Form Poker Ranges

Let’s delve deeper — we start with 169 possible starting hands, but this number catapults to a massive 1,326 unique combinations when considering different suits. Pocket Aces, for instance, make up 6 of these combinations, hence, have a %-form of 0.45% (calculated as 6 divided by 1,326).

Combos in Poker Ranges

Poker isn’t just a game of chance; it’s a landscape rich with combinations or “combos.” Take the AK hand; it doesn’t exist in isolation. In reality, there are 16 unique AK combos with 4 suited and 12 unsuited.

Poker Range Combos

Remember, the art of using combos dynamically involves leveraging blockers, which are your hole cards that influence potential combos. Embark on a deeper exploration with Team Bas Poker’s insightful guides on how blockers play a pivotal role in poker strategies.

Decoding Range Strands with Team Bas Poker

Range strands come into play as textual representations of chosen hands, albeit they might appear to be unpretty strings of text. Despite their appearance, they hold valuable data, being readily importable into your preferred poker software.

In the poker lexicon, we often encounter expressions like “22+” or “A5+.” Let’s decipher these for you:

  • 22+: Symbolizes the inclusion of all pocket pairs starting from 22 and going upwards (33, 44, …, QQ, KK, AA).
  • 56s+: Represents suited connectors 56s and all its superior counterparts (67s,78s,…,QJs,KQs).
  • A5+: Without ‘s’ or ‘o’ specifying suited or offsuit, this means incorporating all A5 and higher (A6, A7, A8,…, AK)

Team Bas Poker encourages you to become fluent in this shorthand, a fast track to professional communication and understanding in the poker world. It’s not just about the game; it’s about the language that goes with it

Team Bas Poker Tips

In our coaching sessions, we delve deep into the strategies behind preflop charts, helping you understand when to stick to the chart and when to play a more exploitative game based on the dynamics at the table. Our goal is to arm you with the knowledge to use these charts as a powerful tool in your poker arsenal.

The Significance of Solid Preflop Fundamentals

Embarking on your poker journey, it is crucial to understand that the first decisions you make, the preflop decisions, lay the groundwork for the rest of the hand. Let’s delve into why solid preflop fundamentals are an indispensable part of a winning strategy.

Laying a Strong Foundation

Solid preflop ranges set the stage for a successful hand. By making informed decisions at this stage, you can steer the game in a direction that favors your hand and strategy, essentially laying a strong foundation for the rounds to come.

Avoiding Common Pitfalls

New players often fall into common traps such as playing too many hands or getting too attached to mediocre hands. Understanding and applying solid preflop fundamentals help in avoiding these pitfalls, setting you on a path to making more rational and winning choices.

Gaining a Psychological Edge

Starting strong with good preflop ranges not only helps in building a potent hand but also gives you a psychological edge over your opponents. It allows you to play confidently, portraying a strong image that can make your opponents think twice before taking you on.

Team Bas Poker Approach

At Team Bas Poker, we emphasize an exploiative approach, harmonizing theory with practical application. Our coaching sessions are designed to help you master preflop strategies, encouraging an exploitative playstyle while keeping a keen eye on GTO approaches to help you emerge victorious in various situations.

Spin and Go preflop Ranges by every position

3W Button

3W BUTTON Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

The Button – one of the most important positions in the Spin and Go format. This is the one position in the game whereby investing chips is voluntary and therefore we ensure to play a correct range. If you usally play MTTs you might think this is a pretty tight range and the reason is that there are no antes and therefore there are less chips in the middle to fight for.

3W BB defense

3W BB Defense Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

This is how we should defend our BB vs a Button Minraise. You might recognize that we recommend only NAI 3-betting AA-QQ. This is a recommendation only vs recreationals. Vs regulars on higher stakes you might need to balance this part of the range.

3W SB vs BB

3W SBvsBB Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

3Way SB vs BB is a super interesting and fun position. We are out of position on the flop and therefore we need to ensure not only do we play this position correctly pre flop, but we understand how to react post flop on various board textures = This comes with experience!

3W BB vs SB

3W BBvsSB Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

3Way BB vs SB we will face a great amount of pressure from most opponents in the small blind and therefore it is important we understand how we should defend. Over folding here is a bigand common mistake amongst many players.

HU Small Blind

HU SB Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

Heads up Small blind = What a position. Fun Fun Fun. We are now in position from the small blind and therefore this should be one of our most profitable positions overall. Default strategy for most is a very high VPIP with the option to make some super fun and funky adaptations. You need to be very flexible and creative here to achieve an elite winrate from the SB.

HU Big Blind

HU BB Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

Heads up big blind is another fun position. How much should we ISO? what should we defend vs Min raise? Should we ISO jam or NAI ISO? Plenty of options to consider!

Top Tools to Enhance Your Strategy

In the high-stakes world of poker, having the right tools at your disposal can be a game-changer. Let’s look at a couple of stellar tools that can help you sharpen your strategy and get ahead in the Spin and Go format.


Freebetrange Spin and Go Preflop Range viewer

A powerhouse tool for anyone looking to elevate their game in the poker sphere. Let’s explore the key features and benefits it offers:

  • View and Edit Ranges: FreeBetRange allows you to view and meticulously edit preflop ranges, helping you to tailor your strategy to perfection. You can easily customize ranges to suit your style of play and the specific dynamics of the game you are in.

Freebetrange Spin and Go Preflop Ranges Trainer

  • Study Tool: The tool offers a dedicated section to study and deeply analyze various preflop ranges, enabling you to equip yourself with knowledge and insights that can be your ace in the hole during high-pressure poker situations.
  • User-friendly Interface: Designed with user-friendliness in mind, it facilitates easy navigation and a seamless user experience, allowing both beginners and seasoned players to use it without a hitch.

GTO Wizard


A tool that stands tall as a beacon for players eager to understand and implement GTO strategies in their game. Here are the standout features of GTO Wizard:

  • Browse GTO Preflop Ranges for Free: GTO Wizard generously offers users the ability to browse through GTO ranges without any charge, providing a wealth of knowledge at your fingertips to help you make data-backed decisions on the table.
  • Premium Insights: While offering a lot for free, the tool also has premium offerings that delve even deeper, providing nuanced insights and strategies to help you become a master of the game.
  • Regular Updates: GTO Wizard is known for its regular updates, ensuring that you always have access to the most current and relevant strategies, keeping you a step ahead of your competition.

Team Bas Poker’s Perspective

At Team Bas Poker, we encourage players to leverage these powerful tools to hone their strategy. In our coaching sessions, we offer insights into how to make the most of these platforms, guiding players in utilizing these tools to develop winning strategies, informed by both theoretical knowledge and a deep understanding of exploitative play.

Discover Team Bas Poker’s Free Charts
Free Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

Team Bas Poker are proud to offer free preflop ranges to our wonderful community. The charts have been designed with countless hours of HRC,GTO and population tendency analysis to provide a comprehensive guideline for those newer to the format. The Team Bas Poker charts are hosted on FreeBetRange and you can access them here.

Upgrade Your Game with Our Premium Charts
Copy of Free Charts 1

The Team Bas Poker premium preflop ranges are the brain child of Team Bas Poker head coaches Sido and Beldarion and in our opinion some of the best pre flop charts currently available on the market place.

These are not your generic GTO charts, you will find advanced adaptations which factor in our perceived edge at the tables as well as continuously looking to maximise EV. The charts have been broken down into play vs Regulars and play vs Recreationals, allowing you to tailor your play to the correct opponent type.
The Team Bas Poker premium preflop ranges are hosted on FreeBetRange to ensure you can optimise your learning experience.


Navigating the world of Spin and Go poker requires not only skill and strategy but also a deep understanding of the ever-dynamic preflop ranges. Through our expert coaching and meticulously crafted resources, you’ll be equipped to play with confidence and skill.

Remember, every poker champion started as a rookie. With dedication and the right guidance, the road to becoming a poker maestro is a journey that is not only achievable but immensely rewarding.

So, be sure to check out our free trial and the opportunity to grab our educ8 video pack free of charge, it’s the perfect first step on your path to poker mastery. Let’s shuffle up and deal!

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