Team Bas Poker Elite HUDS and MDA.

TBP Family Spin and Go HUD

TBP Family Spin and Go HUD is a perfect Tool for an overview about your Opponents with all the necessary Stats shown at the table.

HUD including Stats by Positions and Stack Depth for 3-Way and HU.

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TBP Elite Spin and Go HUD Mockup
Premium Spin and Go HUDS 4

TBP Elite Spin HUD

Get the Elite Spin HUD, the ultimate tool for multi-tabling and high-stakes poker players. With dynamic stats by position and stack depth, this HUD shows you all the necessary information for each street, automatically hiding unnecessary stats.

It even tags recreational players for you! Enjoy player action history, dynamic betting patterns, and an automatic switch feature for regular and flash/nitro formats. Popups provide additional stats for in-game and offline analysis.

Upgrade your game and get the Elite Spin HUD today.

TBP Elite MDA Popup

MDA Popup for Postflop Analysis is based on Hand2Note – the best HUD Tracker on the Market.

If you want to Analyse your whole Database and find Exploits/Leaks for REGs and Fish, this Popup will Help you to do so.

It includes all necessary Stats For Headsup and 3-Way related and split by Position and Stack Depth.

Available Advanced Stats for Deep Analysis Like Bet/Check/Fold or Calling Stats to Analyse the Range of your Opponents.
Calculate the precise Outputs on Betting Patterns For Flop, Turn, River.

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