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Spin and Go’s – 5 Must-Know Facts for instant poker fun

What are Spin & Go’s? A Comprehensive Guide to the Game’s Format, platforms, and Structures

Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. What are Spin and Go Tournaments?
  3. Platforms to Play Spin and Go Poker
  4. Blind Level Structure and Differences between Spin and Go and Flash Spins
  5. 3 Strategy Tips for Beginners
  6. Conclusion


Spin and Go´s has taken the online poker world by storm, offering players an exhilarating and fast-paced format with the potential for massive payouts.

As a professional poker coach, I’ll guide you through the ins and outs of Spin and Gos, the best platforms to play on, and the various structures you’ll encounter. Let’s dive in!

What are Spin & Go Tournaments?

Spin and Go tournaments, also known as Expressos on Winamax and Spin & Gold on GGpoker, are a popular form of online poker known for their quick game play and randomized prize pool structure.

Introduced by Winamax, this format has gained popularity and has been adopted by several other reputable poker sites. In a Spin and Go or Expresso tournament, three players compete in a hyper-turbo, winner-takes-all format, where the prize pool is determined randomly at the beginning of the game.

Platforms to Play Spin and Go Poker

Winamax: The Birthplace of Spin & Go Tournaments

Winamax Expresso Lobby

Winamax, with its Expresso format, is a prominent online poker platform that offers a range of Spin and Go tournaments. The even faster structure on Winamax is called Nitros and is one of the most popular formats on the site. Winamax has a very unique structure for their regular speed Expressos too with a 90-second blind level! Fun-Fact: Contrary to popular belief, it wasn’t PokerStars that invented Spin and Go tournaments. The credit actually goes to Winamax, who first introduced this exhilarating format in 2013.

PokerStars: The Birthplace of Spin & Go Tournaments

Spin and Go Pokerstars

PokerStars, with its Spin & Go format, is another leading platform that pioneered the Spin and Go tournaments. They offer a wide selection of games and stakes, providing a seamless and immersive gaming experience. Dependent on country/restrictions, PokerStars players can enjoy a very generous rakeback system too. Weekly challenges offer up to 40%, and chests can add up to a further 25%.

GGpoker: Where Spin & Gold Changes the Game

Spin and Gold

GGpoker, with its Spin & Gold format, is nowadays the biggest online poker platform. Spin & Gold are special in their blind structure. The higher the multiplier is, the slower the blind levels increase. So better be prepared to be good in both the flash and the regular speed format.

iPoker: The Twisters Format, A Spin on the Classic

Twister Poker 1

iPoker, with its Twisters format, stands out as a unique offering in the realm of Spin and Go tournaments. What sets it apart is its inclusion of antes from the second blind level, a feature not commonly seen on other platforms. This not only accelerates the pace of the game but also adds a new layer of strategic depth. Players need to adjust their pre-flop and post-flop strategies to account for the antes, making gameplay on iPoker’s Twisters an engaging and challenging experience.

Partypoker: A Fresh Take on Spins with Distinctive Features

Partypoker, with its Spins format, is more than just another online poker platform in the crowded market of Spin and Go tournaments. What makes Partypoker unique is its innovative approach to game features and user experience. Best example is their latest invention:

Spins Partypoker Overdrive

SPINS Overdrive on Partypoker is a high-octane, three-player Jackpot Sit & Go game that amps up the excitement with dynamic chip stacks and thousands on multipliers. The bigger the multiplier, the larger your starting stack, allowing for more strategic depth. The game’s unique feature of varying chip stacks based on the prize pool ensures faster games for smaller prizes and longer, more intense matches for bigger stakes.

Blind Level Structure and Differences between regular spins and Flash Spins

Blind Level Structure: Mastering the Hyper-Turbo Reality

In Spin and Go tournaments, time waits for no one, and the same goes for blind levels. Due to the hyper-turbo format, blind levels escalate like a rocket launch—fast and with increasing intensity. They rise at predetermined intervals, which means you’ve got to keep your head in the game and your strategy on point. Failing to adapt quickly is like bringing a rubber knife to a gunfight; you won’t last long.

Managing your stack effectively becomes not just a skill but an art form in this fast-paced environment. Your ability to understand and react to these quick blind increases is paramount for your survival and, ultimately, your success in the Spin and Go realm.

Spin and Go Flash Pokerstars

Differences between Spin and Go and Flash Spins: The Need for Speed

While both formats share similarities, there are some key distinctions between Spin and Go and Flash Spins. Both formats follow a winner-takes-all structure, where the last player standing takes the entire prize pool. However, the main difference is the pace—Flash Spins are like Spin and Gos on steroids. The blind level increases in Flash Spins are so rapid they make regular Spin and Go blind structures look like a Sunday drive. This results in an ultra-high-speed gameplay experience that’s not for the faint of heart

3 Strategy Tips for Beginners

1. Get good preflop ranges

Free Preflop Ranges Spin and Go

This is probably one of the most important tips i can give you at the beginning of your poker career. Get good preflop. This is your bread and butter when it comes to playing poker. Preflop is the most frequent situation so making big mistakes preflop will compound in huge losses over time.

2. Adapt to Your opponents

After you got solid preflop fundamentals you should start focusing on adapting your ranges to different type of opponents. This is crucial skill to learn and this will make the difference if you have a decent win rate or a great one.

3. Learn efficiently

Just making random hands while playing and browsing some GTO-Solvers won´t get the job done. At least not fast and efficiently. My tip would be to get yourself a good group of people that have the same goals. Study together, laugh together and get great together. If you don´t know where to find those people our Discord server is definitely a nice place to search.
Additional to that there are some mindset hacks that can help you to learn a lot faster.


Spin and Go poker tournaments offer an adrenaline-fueled and potentially lucrative gaming experience. With platforms like PokerStars, Winamax, and GGpoker providing a variety of Spin and Go games, players have ample opportunities to hone their skills and chase big wins.

By familiarizing yourself with the blind level structure and recognizing the differences between Spin and Go and Flash Spins, you can develop effective strategies and enhance your overall performance in these exciting and fast-paced tournaments.

Remember, whether you’re a novice or an experienced player, mastering Spin and Go poker requires practice, discipline, and a deep understanding of the game. So gear up, embrace the challenge, and may the Spins be ever in your favor!

In order to assist you with your journey Team Bas Poker have various avenues in which we can assist with knowledge enhancement and strategy. You can check out our full library of coaching video packs.

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Note: This article is intended for informational purposes only. Online gambling regulations may vary by jurisdiction. Always check the rules and regulations of your specific location before engaging in any online poker activity.

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