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“A Winning New Year’s Resolution: Join Team Bas Poker in 2024!”

As the end of 2023 approaches, it’s that time of the year when many poker professionals reflect on their journey, set new goals, and make resolutions for the upcoming year. Every player has asked themselves questions like, “How was my year overall? What can I do better? Did I achieve the resolutions I set?” It’s a familiar scenario for anyone in the poker world. However, the key to successful resolutions lies not only in setting them, but also in finding the right support system and motivation to see them through. That’s where Team Bas Poker (TBP) comes into play.

TBP Revolution
"A Winning New Year's Resolution: Join Team Bas Poker in 2024!" 6

Why should i make Team Bas Poker my 2024 resolution?

Unparalleled Support and Guidance:

At Team Bas Poker, we understand the challenges and aspirations of Spin and Go poker players. That’s why we offer an exceptional support system designed to propel your poker journey to new heights. Our team comprises some of the best poker coaches in the business, ensuring you receive top-tier guidance and mentorship.

A Welcoming Community:

TBP boasts one of the friendliest and most supportive communities in the poker industry. When you join us, you’re not just becoming a member; you’re becoming part of a family where we celebrate wins, share losses, and most importantly, grow together. We believe that the poker journey is more enjoyable when you’re surrounded by like-minded individuals.

Staying Ahead in the Industry:

At Team Bas Poker, we’re committed to helping you maximize your win rate and development. That’s why we stay up to date with all the best tools and resources in the industry, including exclusive benefits like rakeback deals and software discounts.

Rakeback Deals: Our team continuously negotiates with poker platforms to secure the best rakeback deals for our members. This allows you to maximise your hourly and supplement your income!

Software Discounts: We partner with leading poker software providers to offer exclusive discounts to our members. Whether it’s tracking software, solvers, or other essential tools, you’ll have access to them at discounted rates.

Team Bas Poker Winamax Expresso Club
"A Winning New Year's Resolution: Join Team Bas Poker in 2024!" 7

Coaching Content:

At Team Bas Poker, we provide a wealth of coaching content to help you excel in your poker journey:

Live Group Coaching: Access three live group coaching sessions every week, where you’ll learn from Beldarion, Kuba and Sido. 3 absolute crushers within the Spin and Go format. These sessions are designed to keep you updated on the latest strategies and trends, all while maintaining a focus on exploiting your opponents.

TBP Library: Enjoy over 300 hours of coaching content, available 24/7 for your convenience. Whether you’re an early bird or a night owl, our vast library ensures you have access to valuable insights and strategies whenever you need them.

TBP Study Group: Join other members as they regularly meet to help each other develop their poker skills. It’s a collaborative learning environment that encourages growth and improvement.

TBP HUD: An essential tool included in an annual membership. Our specially designed HUD (Heads-Up Display) provides you with valuable in-game statistics and information to make more informed decisions at the tables.

TBP Charts: Gain access to expertly crafted preflop charts designed to optimize your gameplay. These charts are the result of extensive research and expertise, ensuring you’re well-prepared for various situations.

Video Packs: Various video packs are included in an annual membership, offering valuable insights and strategies. These video packs cover a wide range of topics, allowing you to refine your skills and stay ahead of the competition.

Mindset Events: We also focus on improving your mindset both on and off the tables with performance coach Stephen Baker, a part of Elliot Roe’s coaching team. These sessions can be invaluable in enhancing your poker performance, helping you manage tilt, and staying focused during long sessions.

Proven Results:

Some notable results from the 2023 Team Bas Poker family include :

€40k jackpot won on Ipoker

€80k jackpot won on Ipoker

€20k jackpot won on Winamax

€8k jackpot won on Winamax

Numerous members achieved Red Diamond 1 status on Winamax

3 members successfully moved to playing Spin and Go poker full time

Over 100 hours of additional study completed in the TBP study group

TBP family members met on numerous occasions at live events, including Winamax Morocco and Bratislava.

Winamax €20 Jackpot Expresso Nitros
"A Winning New Year's Resolution: Join Team Bas Poker in 2024!" 8

And much much more!

As you embark on your poker journey in 2024, remember that success often hinges on the support, resources, and guidance you receive. Joining Team Bas Poker is not just a resolution; it’s a commitment to your poker growth. With our experienced coaches, welcoming community, comprehensive resources, exclusive industry benefits, and a track record of proven results, you’ll be equipped to conquer the tables and achieve your poker aspirations. Don’t let 2024 be just another year – make it the year you become a part of the TBP family and take your game to the next level! Join Team Bas Poker today and turn your resolutions into reality.

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"A Winning New Year's Resolution: Join Team Bas Poker in 2024!" 9

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