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Let us introduce you to the “four F’s”

Spin and Go Coaches Sido and Beldarion
Spin and Go Coaches Sido and Beldarion

TBP offers fixed-fee Spin & Go coaching. We are not a stable. You keep 100% of the profits you make at the tables!


TBP offers flexible coaching options and membership plans!


TBP offers a true family approach. Through upswings and downswings, we will be there to support you!


TBP has a strong network within the Spin & Go community. We continuously look for the best deals and discounts for our family members!

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What we offer

TBP offers 3-month and annual coaching memberships. Join the family and receive 2 live group coachings per week, access to our huge video database of coaching topics, hand history channels, and much, much more!
Spin and go HUD’s
Here at TBP, we understand the importance of data, especially in the Spin and Go format. With this in mind, we spent months developing what we feel are the best Spin and Go HUDs available on the market today. Whether you play the 15BB or 25BB format, the TBP Spin HUD and Extreme HUD have got you covered!
Spin and Go Charts
TBP is proud to present our Spin and Go pre-flop charts. The TBP free charts offer a great baseline strategy for those new to the format, while our premium charts are a true powerhouse of exploits based on GTO, HRC, population tendencies, experience, and even future EV calculations!
Spin and Go Video Packs
TBP has an ever-growing library of Spin and Go coaching video packs. Whether you want to maximize your win rate against different recreational profiles, learn some sick exploits for the Nitro/Flash format, build your edge versus regulars, or even if you are new to the game and want to learn a solid fundamental strategy, TBP has a video pack for you!
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Hear from Those Who Have Already Experienced the Benefits of Our Spin and Go Coaching

From fish to Pro

I’ve been with TBP since they started, and I went from a passionate recreational player to a full-time player in just 2 years, thanks to the great 1-on-1 coaching and some really eye-opening group coachings. Coaches here feel more like friends than coaches because they never made me feel like I asked a stupid question, allowing me to ask anything that’s on my mind.
Spin & Go Pro and Viking

Incredible Video Packs

Having been a part of Team Bas for several years, I can safely say that being part of the team has greatly improved my playing skills. The video content produced covers comprehensively any topic one would want to analyze and is very easy to digest. The video packs produced are all absolutely incredible; I rewatch them often as a refresher, as they truly helped me take my game to the next level!
Canadian Beast Player


I’ve been a member of TBP for a year now, and the most concise yet efficient way to describe them is: OUTSTANDING. Their strategy video packs and mindset advice are ahead of their time. Additionally, all coaches and the entire community are super friendly, making learning (almost) fun ;). So, if you want to improve in SPINS and aren’t here yet, your first leak to fix is this!
The friendliest poker player out there

frequently asked questions

No, we are a Spin and Go community and school. We offer coaching on a membership basis. We don’t stake players, nor do we offer coaching-for-profit contracts.

No! We offer 3- and 12-month membership options. This provides maximum flexibility for our members and ensures there are no circumstances where you are paying for a membership you might be too busy to use.

Absolutely! Team Bas Poker offers various membership options, and we have plenty of content designed for beginners too. Feel free to reach out to us on Discord for more information.

Our community Discord server is free and will always remain so. Feel free to stay a free member for as long as you like. Once you join Team Bas Poker, you’ll also get access to the premium section.